About Me
My name is Faith Alexandra Stone.  My parents
are Robby and Trinsy; and, my older sister's
name is Fallon.

A pre-natal sonogram showed an abdominal
abnormality and led to a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis (CF) before I was born. Shocked and saddened, my parents prayed for me and my health, and decided to name me Faith to represent their commitment - with God's help - to my care.  I was born at Johns Hopkins University Hospital - an accredited CFF care center - where I continue to be treated.  I had surgery when I was a day old to correct an intestional blockage, and spent five weeks in neonatal ICU.  My diagnosis led to the discovery that not only my parents but also my sister Fallon are symptom-less carriers of the defective CF gene. 

Ironically, it was good that I was diagnosed with CF before birth so my treatment began immediately.  Many children are mis-diagnosed for years and suffer the consequences to their lungs and digestive systems.  With a daily regimen of enzymes and other medication, inhalants, and twice-daily physical therapy to help keep my lungs free of congestion, I've remained relatively healthy.  But, without a lot of help for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, some day I may be very sick.
Fallon and I are both very active. We play basketball, run, ride bikes, use a trampoline, swim, etc., etc., etc.  I love to  exercise and it's great for my lungs! 
I spend my days like most kids - with school,
exercising, playing with my American Girl dolls, and having fun.  I take a lot of medication and require therapy multiple times a day.  I'm doing well, but, more lung infections over the past couple of years added to my daily regimen and prompted me to participate in a clinical trial with other CF kids.   The research is critical. CF is a progressive disease and my health could deteriorate at any time.  The median life expectancy is about 37 - that makes 18 middle-aged for me!   So, we spend a lot of time involved in CFF fund-raising activities.  I have faith that with my parents and other supporters of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation doing whatever they can to help fund research toward a cure for this disease that I can have hope for a long and healthy life.
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